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So yeah, almost two months or something like that I sended the remake of city connection to the portal. I took all the feedback in order to improve the experience.

The game will be capped to 15 levels (I promised 20, but I want to finish it already), 3 bosses and the two games already available in the demo there will be new baddies as well, the online leaderboard is implemented like right now! and I included a one brand new difficulty level (Easy).

I expanded the collision boxes of the shooted oil cans and added a lot more time in each stage. In easy mode you encounter a lot less enemies so you can check more freely yhe stages and get acostumed to the controls and stages layouts.

If you want to stop by the newest release of the game (when I finish it I will post it here in newgrounds), you can go to ityreloaded.html

Not to much free time right now, but I will finish it I swear !! See you later!

You guys kill me :-(

2008-07-28 19:11:50 by SoulstealerMex86

So I'm here, sitting in my comp looking for advices for my game....yeah there are some really helpful ones but it kills me to see a very simple game getting praised to heavens when mine is a bit more complex and better made and it gets overlooked.

I'm jealous of that game, I won't say names because that's not the point anyway I'll finish my game so I can work on some original projects, maybe that's the game it's not 100 % original but the controls are great and it's well thought. The general consensus tells me that it is very hard, I wasn't expecting that.

See you guys.